Our services WELCOME TO P.M. SILALERT We are willing to serve you with the best quality บริการของเรา WELCOME TO P.M. SILALERT We are willing to serve you with the best quality

Welcome to P.M. Silalert

P.M.Silalert Company Limited

Drive the business in services in engineering design and construction part. To meet the needs of customers in industries such as Petrochemical Plant, Refinery Plant, Power Plant, and Factory building work that focuses on steel structure.

P.M.Silalert Co.,Ltd is an expert in design, fabricated, installation of work such as Pressure tanks, Oil storage tanks, Water storage tanks, Chemicals plants, Piping system work both upper-ground and underground, steel structure work by various activities of the company of the company has operated in accordance with customer and internationals standards accepted worldwide

Services and Products

We are expert’s structural works serving customers in various industries such as oil refineries, petrochemicals, power plants, utilities and gas storage plants. We have a dedicated team to control production and construction that can meet the needs of customers according to the purpose of use.

Quality of service Create work for customers, develop for internationally

Design-manufacture of tanks used in all types of industrial applications such as Storage Tank | Vessel Tank | Silo Tank | Pressure Tank and others, including molding according to customer requirements. Service from design to building permit application pipe production for use as a pipe for transporting liquids, transporting water, chemicals and transporting various types of gases used in industry.

Standard Accreditation

In addition to design and construction standards, in order to be widely accepted in the work of P.M.Silalert Company Limited.

P.M.Silalert Company Limited has continued to develop quality to make customers trust in the standard and quality of work where customers will receive the most worthwhile return.

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